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Zepr : Secret - Messenger APK

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Zepr : Secret - messenger is an online platform to share secrets, things which we can't expressed in front others face-to-face.

Zepr- messenger allows users to know their friend's opinion by uploading some posts. User can also join groups with their friends or create a new one. To upload post user need to select a group to which post will be uploaded. And user can upload posts in 'ghost mode' if they want to keep their identity secret from others in the group. In that case the 'Display Name' which user insert during login will shown as uploader name to other user in the group and others won't be able to recognise precisely who has uploaded the post. And if user's 'Display Name' gets revealed then they can change it at anytime. User can also confess their thoughts on some ones post. The confession made are by default set to mode "PRIVATE". Only person who has confessed and to whom confessed can view it until the owner of the post made it 'PUBLIC'. Once the confess is made public all member of the group can view it. Moreover for keeping the identity of the confessor the name is never disclosed only the display name is shown.
This whole process can help to know people better and solve many problems. People can share what they feel about something without fearing pressure from higher authority(ie. govt. or any other organization/people with power) or without harming their social image in front of others. Whenever user faces some problem which cant be share with others directly, they can just share their problem in a group with their friends in ghost mode in zepr - messenger. And different members of the group can share what they think how it can be solved. Without revealing our own identity we can ask/share anything and others can also share through confession without revealing themselves
Prime features also allow zepr - messenger users to analysis their posts. like how many people has visited the post in last 24hrs or daily basis and many more. Sole purpose of zepr - messenger is to know whats' on others mind or know each other fully.
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