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Yeti Catch - Find Bigfoot Monster from the Ice Age APK

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Do you like supernatural monsters and beasts like Godzilla, King Kong, Kraken? Or you enjoy playing dinosaurs simulators in jurassic park? If the answer is YES, our Yeti Catch game is definitely for you!Throughout its history, humanity has been attracted to supernatural things.

One of those paranormal things is Yeti (also known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot) – a mythical creature from snowy mountains and ice age forests. From the earliest of times we are attempting to catch the giant monster legend and prove he exists. Now, this has become possible with the help of drone, dog and artificial intelligence!

Yeti Catch is the newest extreme naturalist game, where you are a brave scout whose goal is to track and catch a Bigfoot monster in winter forest landscapes! He is an intelligent being and knows how to hide from you quickly. But don't give up! You have a dog friend and a drone assistant also powered by AI, and they will help you with finding Yeti. The drone will send you a signal that the ice age beast is somewhere around you, so don’t miss it! This is not a shooter, you don’t need to kill Sasquatch like a sniper, deer hunter or professional killer, just make a shoot with tranquilizer and wait.

Are you ready to challenge yourself and get a breathtaking experience? Immerse yourself into a thrilling wildlife adventure, where you will meet face-to-face the monster giant from dino times and get to catch it. Grab your tranquilizer gun, set on the drone and get on your way to Yeti chasing!

Hurry up, your time is limited! You have to act really smart and always remember that in any moment you may become a Bigfoot prey!
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