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Wounded Personalities personality disorders APK

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Wounded Personalities is an educational psychology app which explains and describes the fascinating world of psychiatric personality disorders.

The app includes a detailed 80 question user assessment which tests the user for a possible personality disorder.

In the world of psychology and psychiatry, personality disorders are relatively rare conditions affecting approximately nine percent of the adult population. This app explores these disorders and provides definitions, explanations, and even causes for these rare psychiatric disorders.

This app includes:

• A description and explanation of each of the ten personality disorders
• A message of caution from the developer
• A discussion of the possible causes of personality disorders
• A comprehensive description of PDs by the Mayo Clinic
• A fascinating take on personality disorders by Dr. Neel Burton.
• Examples of personality disorders in film and the media
• The difference between personality disorders and personality traits.
• A video on personality disorders by Dr. Todd Grande
• An 80-question self-assessment for clinical personality disorders.
• A 25-question test on the user’s knowledge of personality disorders

Several factors put people at a greater risk of developing a personality disorder. These include:

Family histories of mental illness
Growing up in abusive, unstable or chaotic homes
Being diagnosed with a conduct disorder in childhood
Experiencing emotional abuse or neglect as children
Being disciplined in a harsh or inconsistent way as children
Having highly reactive or sensitive temperaments

If you have comments or questions regarding the app feel free to contact us at [email protected]
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