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Warrior Samurai: Kingdom Dynasty Legends Game APK

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Always wanted to be a samurai? The mighty warriors of the medieval era? Well, it’s time to be one in this awesome, action packed, roleplay game (RPG).

Warrior Samurai: Kingdom Dynasty Legends Game.
Enjoy the epic saga where you as a mighty samurai warrior will rise to revenge and destroy the enemies of the kingdom. The hope of the kingdom dynasty lies in your hands.
So get ready for the battle, you are a samurai, the legendary warrior, 1 samurai warrior is enough to turn off tides of even the biggest of wars, it’s time you show the enemy your powers. Win each battle to conquer the war.

Warrior Samurai: Kingdom Dynasty Legends Game comes loaded with real-life like in-game physics, to give you the feel of a real time battle of the medieval era.

The battles, the action packed war sequences, the weapons, the enemy, the graphics and sound make this epic rpg based samurai warrior game truly thrilling.

The warriors battlefields are waiting to witness your skills with swords, they want to hear the war cries, get ready to create new stories of the legend the samurai warrior is. Unleash the wrath of your sword on your enemies to take revenge of all the plight they bestowed on your kingdom and your people.

Warrior Samurai: Kingdom Dynasty Legends Game is filled with rage, adventure, excitement and legends, the Samurai don't stop till they hunt down their biggest enemies, fighting battles, killing each one of them with their might, their war dominance.

⚔️ Get ready for the war, epic battles, challenges and missions as the fearless, eternal samurai warrior, the warriors' battlefields are waiting to witness your charisma, your sword and the screams of your enemies one more time.

⚔️ Intense Missions and Battle Sequences
This amazing rising warrior game will test your nerves, your reflexes and your quick responses.
This will test your skills with the sword, your battle skills, your war acumen, have no mercy on the enemy, because they showed none when they destroyed the mighty kingdom. Show them what the samurai revenge means.

Get ready with your swords, shields, bows and arrows.. Collect power-ups and points while you battle it out and bring the enemy down to pieces.

⚔️ Samurai Warrior - Upgrades and Power Ups
Choose your favorite Samurai warrior before starting the battle, you can choose from different classes and upgrade as you gain more points in the game. You can
equip your favorite Samurai by upgrading his weapons, skills and attack combinations. Get your Samurai warrior everything that is needed to destroy the enemy and be virtually undefeatable in the battle, a fearless warrior whom the enemy dread before even setting foot in the battle arena.

Epic In-game Physics For a Truly Real Medieval War Experience
The game has been equipped with amazing in-game physics for a real life action packed experience. Play it to experience it yourself, see those mighty samurai warriors, battlegrounds, swords, the battle sounds, war cries, amazing warrior battle sequences and missions. Witness your sword piercing through the enemy bodies and sending them flying off in bits and pieces.
Enjoy the intense game play and epic, action packed samurai battle sequences.

Experience one of the best RPG samurai warrior battle games available on the play store now.

⚔️ Thrilling, Intense Samurai Kingdom Dynasty War Saga
It’s not your regular good vs. evil battle. This is a twisted saga of samurai revenge. Every new mission has a new storyline to keep you glued and completely involved in this intense Warrior Samurai: Kingdom Dynasty Legends War Game

Warrior Samurai: Kingdom Dynasty Legends Game Top Features

⚔️ On-screen controls for easy gameplay and fast reflexes.
⚔️ Carefully crafted camera angles for best experience of a medieval war
⚔️ Real-life like historical battlegrounds
⚔️ Thrilling, twisted and intense storyline.

So, get the rage on, get ready for revenge as the Ultimate Samurai Warrior. Download Now
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