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Ultimate Roulette Bet Casino Counter & Predictor APK

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Do you know how to win at Roulette?

Try this smart roulette counter, predictor & analyzer tool to be more successful player in online roulette casino games and win more money.
This Ultimate Roulette Bet Counter & Predictor tool highly increasing your winning chances.

Just add the hit numbers, and this roulette tool always counting and predicting what fields to play in the next round. Suggesting high possibility free live roulette numbers, warning you if the zero came out a long time ago. The program says in English what to play in the next round in the online casino. This is the best way to win at roulette.

1. Counting this type of bets on the roulette table:
★ Red / Black / Zero
★ Odd / Even
★ Low (1-18) / High (19-36)
★ Dozens (1st12, 2nd12, 3rd12)
★ Columns (Col1, Col2, Col3)
★ Three favourite numbers (one number in the standard version)

2. Monitoring alert levels
★ Alert levels can be set up by bet types.
★ If the certain roulette bet count reached the previously set alert level, the program will mark the bet with yellow and red colors, to help the player to decide what bet should play next.

3. Hot & Cold roulette numbers
★ See the previous numbers occurrences in a nice ordered scrollable list.

4. American 00 support

5. Charts
★ Two free powerful quality roulette charts

6. Suggesting fields and numbers
★ Based on the previous numbers (from the yellow and red coloured fields).
★ Zero field prognosis and suggestion, warning if Zero number limit reached.

7. CSV Export for creating professional excel statistics and simulators

8. Speaking

9. Online and Offline usable

The house's advantage is only 2.70% with single zero (European table) and 5.26% with double zero (American table), this must be overcome with this tools. It's not impossible, just need a good strategy and some attention.

Playing outside bet roulette system will return you less money, but your chances of winning at roulette are significantly higher.

If you would like to win more you should use this one of the best live tracker tool to maximize the outside bets winning chances. This is not a simple trainer or gambler cheat, this is only pure statistics and mathematics.

With this #1 calculator and roulette predictor gambling tool you will predict the next spin with greater probability chance, even if you are a beginner. Using a good free trainer, counter, calculator, simulator or a predictor tool always helps the players to be more successful.
This great roulette counter tracker tool will help you to make successful bet bankroll management system. With a good betting strategy you will win more money in this really nice gambling game.

The house edge matters when you are playing. Always play European roulette table if you can choose!

This tool helps you to make a decision in roulette, or even suggest a random roulette number.

Become a successful long-term free roulette game player with us. This is one of the best android strategy tool for all roulette live player.

You have to practice your own strategy and pay attention to the bankroll management.
In the first few time please use it on only demo accounts and demo cash!

This tool not for only PRO roulette players, beginners can use it.
Be the best roulette player, play like the professional roulette players. This can be used while playing roulette online casino games.
Do not hesitate, start using this roulette bet counter and roulette bet predictor system today.

Fulfill your online live roulette casino strategy to win more money.
With this simple and smart roulette counter & predictor tool you will never miss a good chance to win with the next ball spin.

Have a good luck!
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