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TRON Light is a lightcycle racing. Everything is at stake and any even the slightest mistake can be the last.

Bots are also involved in lightcycle racing with you. They replace live players. The number of bots and the size of the game grid you choose yourself.

In the TRON Light game quick save does not work and the usual one too: if you lose or accidentally exit the game, you will have to replay the race again.

So, the essence of the race is simple - it's a "snake". Lightcycles can only be rotated at right angles. Each lightcycle leaves a very long plume in the form of a "wall". If your lightcycle or bots lightcycle crash into such a "wall", the player is eliminated from the game. Remember, your wall is also an insurmountable obstacle for all the players of the arena, including you. If the lightcycle crashes into the boundary wall at the edge of the game grid, it also dies. The goal of the race is to make the enemy die and thus secure first place. This is the price of victory!

You have the opportunity to pick up special prizes that are immediately activated. Firstly, these are the "bombs". When you activate this prize, damage is caused to the lightcycles of your opponents, thereby allowing you to have superiority in the amount of energy. Also, all the rays left by the lightcycles inside the game grid disappear. The "lightning" prize will allow you to receive a bonus in the form of a small amount of energy. Just be careful, lightcycle "wall" do not disappear when you take the "lightning". Save your energy, it will allow you to last longer in the game.

About three to five lightcycles participate in the game, and each round lasts about a couple of minutes - each battle is fleeting, because the speed of the lightcycle is high, and it is impossible to stop it. During the race, lightcycles automatically accelerate and decelerate only when they collide with a lightcycle "wall" or a wall of the boundary of the game grid. Speed ​​is the control of the arena, it allows you to quickly lock enemies in the walls and win. But speed can be dangerous if you have problems with the reaction.

If you have an advantage in speed, try to intercept the opponent and push him against the wall. When locking the enemy inside the walls, be especially careful - closing the trap, you can get distracted and crash into the opponent’s wall or your own. If you drive a little ahead of your opponent, you can try to make a quick turn in his direction and back, putting a wall in his path. Sometimes this helps, but remember - computer opponents have a computer reaction, and most often they will be able to turn aside. It’s better to find a lightcycle wall or wall nearby on the edge of the gaming grid, cut the opponent and press your trajectory against the wall - often after this the opponent can no longer get out of the expertly prepared trap. A locked lightcycle rides inside in a tapering square spiral, and then it beautifully crashes and explodes if its energy has dried up to zero.

If you entered an open confrontation with an opponent, remember the important rule: do not ram it in the forehead. He just goes aside, and you crash into his "tail".

The general strategy for racing on lightcycles is quite simple: you must immediately go to the middle of the field and look for prizes. It is advisable to catch the prize "bomb" as soon as possible and immediately gain an advantage over rivals, who thereby lose some of the vital energy.

Good luck user!
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