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Tnumber: Private Numbers for everyone APK

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For friends and family you have phone number. For everyone else you need a private number i.e Tnumber

Make free calls and messages without sharing phone numbers

Free calls and messages between Tnumber to Tnumber

If you meet new people on Dating Apps, Matrimony Apps/Sites, Classified Sites, Anonymous networks, college campuses, or anywhere and you don't want to share your personal mobile number-- then you need Tnumber. Mainly every woman and girls need Tnumber

Free alternate contact number with privacy-controls
Tnumber works like your mobile number only but with a full privacy and control system in your hands. When you share Tnumber instead of mobile number you decide who can call or message you on Tnumber by sending and receiving contact requests

Disappear Chats / Private messaging
Send those private images, chats to the people in disappear mode, which automatically disappears after a few minutes. Don't worry about screenshots. It's not possible to take screenshots

High-quality voice calls
Dial any Tnumber and talk to them just like you do use the mobile number. All calls are free. No strings attached!

For Woman
We have built groundbreaking privacy-control features for women to keep their privacy. If you are a woman Tnumber is definitely for you. You no longer need to share your mobile number with unknown people and businesses. Instead, you can share Tnumber and protect your privacy

Start using Tnumber, and keep your mobile number private
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