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TNET free International Calls APK

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T-NET is a telecommunications company that allows you to make international calls from your smartphone to most countries.

Calls to some countries are free of charge while others are fee-based at a very competitive, affordable rate. Please note that your call is subject to the terms of your calling plan and may incur a local call charge.

1. How to use

1) Select the nation code of the country to which you would like to place a call.

2) Dial the number of the destination you are calling, excluding the nation code.

3) Press the "Call" button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

4) An instruction message will play that lasts 3 to 5 seconds. After that, your call will be connected.

2. Service coverage

1) Currently, the service is provided only in South Korea, but it will be expanded to cover the United States, China, and other countries in the future.

2) Currently, T-NET provides free international calls from South Korea to approximately 58 countries and plans to add more countries soon.

3) The list of countries to which a free international call can be placed is subject to change monthly. The list of countries can be viewed under the "Free Call" tab located on the home screen of T-NET App.

4) The fee-based international call service is not currently available, but will be very soon.
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