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The Phrase Game Lite APK

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You’ve got to spin it to win it! Over 2,000 puzzles from 14+ different categories are filled in between the nooks and crannies of this ‘solve the phrase’ game.

Take a spin and guess a letter to solve the puzzle, yet riddled with added features! Be careful not to guess too many incorrect letters, or your remaining lives may disappear faster than you can spell P.H.R.A…. and they’re gone! Solve your way through 4 puzzles to make it to the bonus round! Earn cash for solving puzzles and use that game cash and make a purchase from the wide array of gift shop items that add additional features and perks to the game including: power ups, special rounds, more bonus round time, extra lives, increased spinner values and more!

Use one of four available power ups to assist in solving the puzzle: Free Vowel, Letter Fill, 0% Loss, and Auto-Solve. Each has a specific attribute to make racking up game cash as easy as… well, as easy as racking up game cash!

The Phrase Game features additional round types including Crazy Wheel and Respin!

Crazy Wheel features just that… a crazy wheel! With each spin, the spinner values change and rearrange to include some extra BUST symbols, increase symbols (+) that increase the spinner values on the next spin, decrease symbols (-) that decrease the spinner values on the next spin, a big win symbol worth $1,000 for each valid letter, the spinner may even spin in short bursts of speed! Who knows what may happen?!

Respin features Star symbols that activate a respin of the spinner. With each respin the Respin Multiplier increases by one. Once landing on a value it will be multiplied by the respin multiplier for each valid letter. Land on a BUST symbol and lose it all!

The bonus round gives you a chance to pick one of the mystery prizes! You are given a puzzle along with the letters: R, S, T, L, N, E. Choose your consonants and vowels from the remaining letters and let the games begin!! You will then have the chance to solve the puzzle before the clock runs out. No pressure… okay, maybe a little! If you want the reward, stay focused, and ignore the clock… if you can!

Free Play mode allows you to play any single round of any type, including the Bonus round and special rounds, if unlocked. However, while in Free Play mode, any game cash awarded will not be added to your total. We couldn’t make it THAT easy for you. Arcade mode is where the action is. Don’t worry, if you need to step away from a round, tap the home button and the current game will save, along with all that precious game cash!

* Over 2,000 puzzles & 14+ categories
* Special Rounds: Crazy Wheel & Respin
* 28 Gift Shop items to add game perks
* Statistics track winnings & game data
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