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The Pause Challenge APK

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This game has been created for all challenge lovers, specially for the ones loving the new trendy The Pause Challenge.

The Pause Challenge is finally here. Play now with your friends the new challenge that is taking over youtube. In this simulator you will be able to challenge your friends by PAUSING them anytime you tap on the control. Use with with your friends and family.

This game its a perfect to have some fun by touching the slime button and listening how your friends complain when you actually pause them. They can only pause you if they use the same control.

How To Play?
A TV control will appear on the screen, then find the friend you want to pause and tap on the pause button. If he agree and accept the challenge then he can’t move and you can do whatever you want to annoy him/her like taking his/her phone, he would not be able to do anything because is actually on pause. You can also use the mystery wheel to find out what to do when your friend is on pause.

Pause And Play
You have the chance to pause your friend when he/she is doing a satisfying slime you can even create a slime in the meantime he/she is paused! Its important to try not to say wow ! Please do not combinate this challenge with kiss challenge because even this simulator is suitable for all ages, even for kids in the monster school,we do not recommend to abuse on challenges, thats why we recommend to play fair, finally now you will be able to simulate your favourite youtubers or play with your sis vs bro etc..

Example of use:
You arrive home and your sister is playing her favourite game. Then you use the control to pause her, when she accept the challenge you can decide what she can or can’t do, for example you can determine she can’t laugh on the meantime she is on pause, try not to laugh or you lose. Or you can ask her to do the double face.
Remember , play fair and you will have lots of laughs !
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