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The Neighbourhood APK

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####A smartphone is required to play this game.####

Love your neighbors! 

From the makers of Tower of Babel on AirConsole, The Neighborhood is a team-based slingshot battle game where two groups play against each other as feuding neighbors. Each neighbor is hell-bent on destroying the home of the other by deploying creative weapons in hopes of getting rid of the other neighbor. The game features single-player and local multiplayer modes supporting up to eight players divided into two teams. Like its predecessor Tower of Babel, The Neighborhood is  a visually attractive 2D game with vibrant backgrounds and colorful characters. The Neighborhood is perfect for mischievous casual gamers with an appreciation for beautiful visuals and a knack for knocking down property that doesn’t belong to them.

Each player has a home with six colorful but sinister characters residing in the home. Each character has a single offensive ability used to attack the opponent’s home.

The abilities are:

Catacow: One of your characters inflates a cow and launches it at the opposing home. The cow bounces around and explodes after 4 seconds, destroying everything nearby, including characters.

Fireworks: A missile is launched but requires the player to tap their screen with precisely the right timing to direct the missile.

Triple Canon: One of your characters launches a giant cannon ball that splits into three pieces after you tap.

Stone Thrower: A large character throws a giant boulder.

Sniper: Even the toddler of the family is lethal: this underage sniper fires a powerful missile in a straight line. It’s ideal to cause precise structural damage.

Babzooka: The character responsible for this ability launches a rocket that explodes dealing massive damage.

Death Bird: Throw a bird that jump every time you tap. Perfect weapon to hit areas hard to reach.

Players cannot control the order in which  a character uses its ability. The order can only be skipped if a character dies. The players use these characters to aim their weapons at sections of their opponent’s home. Between the neighbors is a neutral structure that houses yellow boxes. If these boxes are destroyed, the player responsible for its destruction is rewarded with power-ups that provide  additional defense.

A note of caution, players can destroy their own home and accidently kill off their characters. Also, certain abilities and power-ups come at a sacrifice and risk of destroying your home in the process. Players must be strategic enough and savvy enough to balance their resources and characters to destroy their neighbor.

AirConsole Gaming

AirConsole is truly unique in the gaming industry because it offers its console through a web browser. Players simply join online, connect their smartphone or tablets with the access code provided and play. AirConsole has a growing library of games that accommodates groups. Its games can range from 2 players and as high as 30 players. New games are added weekly to give users more options and a better gaming experience. Players have the option to download the AirConsole app for easier play instead of using their smartphone browser to connect to the game. The app is available for iPhone and Android phones. All of the games provided and the browser software is offered to gamers for free.

Play The Neighborhood today and check out everything AirConsole has to offer.

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