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The Ground is Lava – Hot Floor Run Challenge Game APK

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In this new game which is based on an old popular internet lava challenge game called the floor is lava game the rules are pretty simple.

Just like you remember the game from your own childhood you have to get to the right places without stepping on the floor lava.

However, there is a slight change in this lava floor game compared to how you remember it from back then cause compared to other app games you can find. We have made this game a bit more challenging where we combine the endless runner, parkour, and obstacle genre into the game to make it more fun and less repetitive. So you could probably call it hot lava parkour or run lava game or lava mountain game. Challenging your responsiveness, motorik and decision making skills to perform more things at the same time while you still have to avoid stepping on the wrong surfaces since the ground is lava. You can describe this app as a hot lava jump game or jumper lava. To keep things simple there is no multiplayer functionality in this lava game

Besides the small difference to the rules in the hot lava game, the goal is pretty simple. Keep jumping and running as long as you can, to do escape lava. Do hot lava parkour by avoiding any bumps, obstacles, and hot floor lava on your way. Pay attention to the clock that counts down how much time you have left to finish each floor level cause if you don't then there will be on the floor lava i.e., the floor level will quickly be covered with hot lava & you’ll be consumed by the lava monster. Be careful and make sure you don't make the wrong step otherwise you will fall into the lava and have to start lava parkour over again. Its much more fun than the other parkour block games you have played, it's much better than any simulator parkour games you might have played. In some other games, the lava rises every 10 seconds, however in this runner lava game, we have made the time variable so that you have fun do a lava flood escape. Be quick, have fun, and don't die in the molten lava.
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