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Survival Guide For Beginners Tips and Tutorial APK

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Survival Tips and Tricks Will Prepare You Fit for the Outdoor and Wilderness.

This is a Survival Manual Tips is fully working offline Very important to survive in a case of some Survival Situations
It contains info on how to make fire, build a shelter, Make a Torch, Make a Rope, find and filter water, find food, heal, find the North Star, get Directions in the Wild, and other useful content in a case of emergency.

Ultimate Survival tips app can be also useful for trips to the outdoors, hiking, camping, learning about nature and yourself truly. This is not only fun, but you can also train skills (find and filter water, find food, heal wounds, make fire, build shelter, Plants, Fishing, Treat Animal Bites ..) you need to know it before starting your adventure.

The Necessity of Outdoor Survival Skills:
What Survival Skills and Techniques
Tips to Surviving in the Wilderness
Set Your Priorities Right
Starting a Fire
Making a Smoke Signal
Find a good location
Light a fire
Make smoke
How to Start and Sustain a Fire in Wet Weather
Avoid the pit
Look for dry pieces of wood
Use pine and needle bearing leaves
Make small pieces of your firewood
Make a char cloth
Vaseline-soaked cotton balls
How to Build a Shelter
The Cocoon
The ‘A’-frame
Your Bed
Stay Warm in the Woods
Learn to Make a Water Filter
Learn How to Tell Directions in the Wild
Find the North Star
Process Your Food as Far Away from Your Shelter as Possible
Learn to Identify Edible Plants
​Never Travel in the Dark
Do Not Use Dirty Water to Clean Wounds
Learn the Medicinal Properties of Wild Plants
Health Tips
Carry an extra pair of socks
​Invest in Tools for Your Survival Kit
Always Wear a Utility Bracelet
Carry Glow Sticks in Your Survival Kit
Get Boots that are Suitable for the Terrain
Carry a Duct Tape in Your Survival Gear
Reinforce Your Backpacks and Clothes with Carbon Steel
Surround Your Campfire with Rocks
Use Charcoal to Make Water Palatable
Organize Your Tactical Backpack
Take Care of the Blisters as Soon as Possible
Learn How to Make an SOS Signal
Carry Two Rescue Mirrors
Learn to Make Rope from Willow Tree Branches
Learn to Make a Torch
Collect Rain Water
Don’t Make a Shelter Downwind to Your Campfire
Learn to Predict the Incoming Rain or Storms by Looking at the Sun or the Moon
Catch More Fish by Facing into the Wind
Don’t Attempt to Cross a Rapid, Moving River or Stream
Break Rocks into Tools
Natural Rope
Tracking Skills
Water Purifier​
General Tips for Survivalists
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