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SmsActivator - SMS activation to a virtual number APK

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If you do not have access to a SIM card or would not like to give your real phone number, you can get a virtual number through this application.

- Virtual SIM card from different countries.
- Receive SMS without SIM card.
- All phone numbers are private for each user.
- Are not reused in the same services.

⭐️ Main features of the application:
- autocopying the number after ordering to the clipboard.
- copying without country code.
- auto-playback of the code immediately after arrival (can be turned on).
- auto copying of the code to the clipboard after the SMS arrives.
- the code comes faster than services.
- up to 20 minutes of waiting for SMS to 1 number.

The number can be obtained after activating the application using a key. The key can be purchased in the application [Buy tab].

📖 Recommendations if the code does not come:
- clear cache and data before ordering a code for the number for which you order;
- change the ip address via VPN or proxy (VPN applications can be found in the Play Market or w3bsit3-dns.com);
- try to change the operator in SmsActivator;
- try to change the country of the number in SmsActivator.

📖Recommendations for the security of an account created through a virtual number:
- Use two-factor authentication on services where possible to avoid unpleasant situations with account loss. Remember, none of our guarantees can protect your account from loss - only you yourself.

Important notes:
1) If the code does not come to the number within 5 minutes, try to order a new number.
2) If the code still does not come, try changing the country, clear the cache of your browser or the application for which the code is not received, change the IP address using a VPN, if that does not help, then try again later or order for another service.
3) If the number that you ordered has already been used by someone before you, write to us - we will return the money to the balance.
4) Faced problems with the application? You can contact us via the Telegram chat in the application, select the "Help in Telegram" section or by mail.

Doubt about performance or want to try? We can issue a test key, point 4)

Detailed instructions or watch the video below:

1. Download the application from the Play Market.
2. Go to the application on the "Buy" tab, pay for the key, it will come to your email within a few minutes or immediately.
3. Go to the "Key" tab in the application, copy from mail and paste the key into the application, save the key.
4. Go to the "Rooms" tab and at the top go to the "price list" tab, select the service you need and click the "get price" button (the price list will be loaded and you can choose a cheaper one).
5. Next, on the "Numbers" tab, open the "NUMBERS" tab at the top, select the country of the number from the drop-down list, the desired service, if not in the list Select "Other", the operator is optional.
6. Press the button "get the number of numbers", if the received number of numbers is greater than zero, then you can order a number, otherwise we recommend choosing another country. The cheapest numbers are: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan. The price also depends on the service for which you order SMS.
7. To order a number, click on the "ORDER A NEW NUMBER" button (the number is copied automatically).
8. You can copy without country code below by using the "COPY NO. WITHOUT COUNTRY CODE" button.
9. After arrival, the code will be displayed in the code field, as well as automatically copied to the clipboard, using the slider below, you can play it.
10. Help from developers is available in the "Help in Telegram" menu or send to [email protected]
11. If the code does not come to the number, you can cancel the number, the money will be immediately returned to your balance. If you haven't canceled the number and ordered a new number, then the money will be returned to your balance within 20 minutes!
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