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Shooting Game Gun Assassin 3D APK

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Your loved one has been kidnapped, you must save her before it is too late! In the latest action pack first person shooter game from Game pickle you must infiltrate the enemy hideout and stop the hordes of highly trained army soldiers armed with military weapons; lucky you are one amazing super agent.

Use your agent skills to make your through the enemy compound, taking out bad guys who come after you!

With tons replay-ability (more missions and unlocks to come soon) change up your point of attack and weapon load out to get to your girlfriend. Earn a highscore and go head to head with people all over the world and see where you will rank in the leaderboards, can you become a elite marksmen?

Find the quickest route, practice your aim, and choose from a wide selection of firearms such a M9 Beretta, AK47, pump action shotgun, and even a minigun! Every second counts, choose your path wisely to get the girl back safely in this action fps game.

Enjoy cool game features like:
- Intense first person shooting action
- Destructible environment objects
- Fun cover base shooting
- Global online leaderboards, get the highest score!
- One of the top latest fps shooting games
- Unlock tons of powerful guns and firearms
- Fun to play over and over again
- Intelligent enemy AI
- Beautiful HD graphics

Interact with the environment and shoot objects to reveal hidden bonuses, you might find something to come in handy to help you get an even better highscore! Watch out you don't lose too much health or you will lose a life. If you see a first aid health kit be sure to pick it up too! Use explosive barrels to scare away multiple bad guys at once to help get point multipliers and bonuses.

Immersive story, adrenaline pumping first person shooting, fun gameplay, and worldwide interaction with other players will give you the full gaming experience that you will be craving. Join in on the action as you become the tough action hero in Shooting Game Gun Assassin 3D, available to download right now for free!

Gamepickle Studios have been developing family-friendly games to be enjoyed by all, regardless of their age. We aim to promote responsible social values and healthy habits in a safe and controlled environment.

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