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Shooting Game 3D: Best Sniper APK

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Best sniper is a fun and exciting offline action game of TPS which you can fire free in war! In our offline gun game,you are a soldier and a sniper of Special Forces.

Against terrorists,protect civilians and finish your missions! Just aim and destroy the enemy and be a gun shoot game expert in our offline mobile action game.

- Free action game to relax and battle! 
- Quick game.It takes your just 5 minutes to fight!
- Shooting TPS game. Third-person shooters action game brings more perspective and animations for you. 
- All kinds of advanced weapons
- Realistic Physics for shooting
- Delivers awesome HD graphics and 3D models.
- Exciting time-limited missions

You are a trainee of The 117 Special Forces,the training camp for the strongest combatants! You have to finish your mission of with your strength and faith,and become our regular member.
So accept missions and become our best sniper!

Your Aim
Against terrorists! Be survival until the last! Be careful to detonated terrorists and never shot civilians otherwise it's game over! Just in a word:Finish your mission as hint. Make your dream of being best sniper come true.

Hundreds of missions:
Collect clues,rescue the hostages,betrayed buy teammates,find the Mastermind,aim and shoot! Don’t leave the enemies! Start a deadly combat with terrorists! Deal a critical strike to the enemy! Be survival!

Modify weapons:
Unlock awesome weapons and Modify and maximize your firepower with weapon classes. We have kinds of weapons including pistols, shotguns, snipers & assault rifles! Modify them with action-packed sights, suppressors, grips, barrels & stocks! All of which will affect accuracy, damage and range of your weapon.

Realistic experience:
Compared to first-person shooter games, TPS Third-person shooters brings you more perspective,and makes it easier to observe the environment which brings you more exciting and real experience!
Realistic Physics make you experience the most smooth control and realistic ballistics, weapon behavior on mobile.
The awesome HD graphics and 3D models make you be personally on the scene.

Reward system:
You can get rewards when you first log in every day . There are also a lot of coins, which help you to exchange your favorite weapons.
You also have the opportunity to get the latest weapons Free of charge!

Offline casual games for FREE
Offline mobile games. No networking? No problem! Enjoy the fun of gun battles anytime, anywhere.

Hey, new guys!
Take up the weapon and start fighting!

We are constantly updating the game and looking forward your feedback.
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