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Scary Evil School Teacher 3D Spooky & Creepy Games APK

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Scary Evil School Teacher 3D Spooky & Creepy Games

Make prank with scary evil teacher by saying hello to spooky neighbor creepy 3D.
As a scary teacher, you are responsible for getting to know your students and be polite with them in this scary evil teacher 3d game. Build a good relationship of trust and respect is most important in this spooky creepy games. The crazy scary teacher give physical punishment to the students in the classroom in this my teacher school game. The behavior of the scary evil teacher is so bad with the students in scary teacher games. Because she give the most painful punishment by using lots of scared tricks in the scary teacher simulator game 2021. One day all students of the school decide to take act of revenge from the scary evil teacher. They make a plan and go to the home of the crazy scary school teacher and say hello to the scary neighbor teacher.

In Scary Evil School Teacher 3D Spooky & Creepy Games, they see that the scary neighbor teacher 3d ready for taking a bath, so go and make the current in the bath tub. The hello scary school teacher 3d will put some spice in the sunblock and say hello to scary neighbor teacher. After that, the students do it electrocute to the scary school teacher. This is why the scary evil teacher feels current and boom in the air. The virtual school students feel happy and then start the next task in scary evil teacher 3d. The students put the tents and firecrackers in a room in this Scary Evil School Teacher 3D Spooky & Creepy Games. They add a music box in the room and cut off the power supply in scary teacher creepy games. When the teacher will lit up a matchstick and fire cracker blast in this hello scary school teacher spooky games 2021. Now the spooky scary teacher going to the kitchen for making something in this spooky & creepy games. Divert her attention so she will leave the stove on in the spooky games.

In Scary Evil School Teacher 3D Spooky & Creepy Games, so the students ring the doorbell and the scary teacher come to open the door. The student quickly enters the kitchen and mixes some red chilies in the meal in this spooky & creepy games. Now the scary evil teacher is going to water the plants in this scary teacher spooky games. Drop the beehive on her head in the horror teacher game. The students hit the stone on the beehive in the scary teacher game. Bee attacks on the scary evil teacher and cuts off too much in spooky & creepy games. Because of this the horror teacher unconscious and fall on the ground in a crazy scary school teacher game. All students feel happy and enjoy this fun activity in scary evil teacher 3d. The creepy teacher going to the virtual gym for weight loss in hello scary school teacher 3d.

The students enter the working area say hello to spooky neighbor and add more weight to the scary evil teacher 3d simulator game. The crazy scary school teacher will fail to lift the weight up and weight fell on it in spooky games of scary teacher. The high school students doing multiple stunning prank tasks with the scary teacher in popular games of creepy teacher. The students do little funny acts with spooky neighbor of the school scary teacher. Take revenge from the scary school teacher by doing multiple funny acts in hello scary school teacher games 3d.

Scary Evil School Teacher 3D Spooky & Creepy Games Features:
• Doing multiple stunning acts with scary teacher
• To do funny tasks with a crazy creepy teacher
• Amazing theme and realistic control in scary spooky teacher
• Multiple stunning tasks to do in hello spooky teacher game
• Take revenge from crazy scary teacher when she was alone in the spooky neighbor
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