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Roulette Zero APK

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★ Roulette Zero is European Style Roulette Simulator.

★ The game provides a real casino experience even though it's completely free and it's not possible to spend real money in any way.

★ You can bet directly on the number or split coins into 2, 3, 4 or 6 numbers.
— Column bet.
— First 12, Second 12 or Third 12 numbers.
— Small or Big Numbers.
— Red or Black.
— Even or Odd.
— There is no max bet limit.

★ Also it is possible to use French Bets table and bet on whole wheel sectors:
— Voisins du Zero (Numbers around Zero - 17 numbers in total),
— Tiers du Cylindre (Lower third of the wheel - 12 numbers),
— Orphelins (Remaining 8 numbers).

★ Besides that you can bet on neighbor numbers.
— Click on a number you want to bet on and the game will put stake on 5 neighbor numbers automatically.
— 5 neighbors are set by default, but you can change it to whatever you want.

★ When bets are placed click on the spin button. You don't need to wait anybody.
— Enjoy smooth gameplay and eagerly await your favoured outcome.

★ Croupier reads what came out and when to place a bet again.

★ Last twenty numbers that came out are always visible but you can track stats in details.
— Use statistics for your benefit.
— Try different strategies.
— Learn why martingale system is bad for you.
— Develop your own strategy and beat the wheel.

★ We do not encourage real gambling.
— Use this Roulette game for fun only.

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