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Rock Paper Scissors - RPS game: fantasy arcade APK

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Stone Scissors Paper. Fantasy RPS game (known as World of Hands - RPS game) is a combat version of the well-known game

It all depends on your courage and dexterity!
Give enemies hands! Defeat them in each of the worlds!

Game features
Fantasy enemy battles: Orcs, Vampires, Robots, Bikers, Snowmen, Dwarves, Witches, Scarecrows, Knights, Golems, Frost Wizards, and Elves
Super ability - button “KILL THEM ALL!”
Epic BOSS!
Different difficulty levels!
Cool music
World Ranking Table
Game mode for a while - your task is to defeat a certain number of enemies in a certain time.

Bleeding in RPGs (we are talking about the RPG game - role play games)
with each level enemies become stronger - therefore you need to pump your hero
you pump the power of attack - and all your attacks like “rock paper scissors” become stronger (this does not apply to special skills - about them further)
you pump life and you have more lives, which means you can withstand more blows and increase your chances of survival
super skills (special abilities) - in the course of the game you discover new skills that are completely different from each other
Super skills can be pumped by increasing their strength and duration of action.

The visual part of the game (art) is made in the style of fantasy
The animation of the game is made in pleasant combinations of colors and without sharp and frightening elements.
The sound design of the game is made in the musical style “Rock”

And do not forget the rules:
Stone breaks scissors
Scissors cut the paper
Paper wraps stone

“Stone Scissors Paper. Fantasy RPS game ”(known as World of Hands - RPS game) is a free game, but some game elements can also be bought for real money.
Developer Address - [email protected]
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