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Rescue Lucy 2 - Saving Lucy the dog APK

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Rescue Lucy 2 is a funny horror game. The fear adventure is wonderful for entertainment.

Continuation of mystical adventures Rescue Lucy. Rescue Lucy 2 is kind of horror game but full of interesting mini games to entertain you.

It's been several years since the girl rescued Lucy the dog in an abandoned house. In Rescue Lucy 2, the girl has grown up and still taken care of Lucy. As usual, she let the dog Lucy go out for a walk. It's already been several hours. Lucy has not yet returned home. You need to know the location of Lucy on the GPS collar.The GPS signal shows that Lucy is in an abandoned house.By car she will quickly reach this abandoned house and save her dog!

This time you can not even imagine what horror and fear will await you at every step! You will again enter the terrible house filled with horrors and gloomy atmosphere. In the house you are waited by ghosts of children and adults, tskeletons and zombies, who protect this house from unauthorized persons. You need to be ready to defeat monsters and ghosts. The creaks of the old house, crows and bats will make you get goose bumps.

Various puzzles and mini games will meet you at every step. For example, you have to collect whole objects, puzzles, paint a bear, twist the gears and much more. Numerous rooms of a mystical house with minimal lighting will strain your attention and accuracy. After all, no one knows what will be waiting for you behind the wall of the next room. Laughing and crying ghosts of children will affect your psyche. Scattered children's toys, wheelchairs, dolls, balls all this will give a unique taste of horror in the game.

Excellent graphics and gloomy musical accompaniment will plunge you headlong into this adventure game.

The game is free.

Rescue Lucy 2 (rescue lucy) game highlights
1. Continuation of mystical adventures Rescue Lucy
2. Collect clues in the room
3. Simple operation and easy to play
4. Horror game sounds and atmosphere
5. Multiple game scenarios
6. Fear and horror in the house will make the mini games more attractive.

Rescue Lucy 2 (rescue lucy) mobile game features
1. A first-view puzzle-solving escape game, looking for props and clues in the house to find and help the puppy Lucy escape.
2. The player needs help to find the puppy Lucy and escape this terrifying house.
3. There are many terrible ghosts in this house. Collect the props in each room to destroy the ghosts in the house, so that Lucy the puppy can escape safely.
4. What clue do you know, brave, how can you get this clue? All mysteries are waiting for you to reveal.

1. Rescue Lucy is a decrypted escape game, simply click to operate.

2. You must collect props, use them directly or in combination, find the key to open the door or other tools to open the door, kill the ghosts, and finally find Lucy the dog.

3. There are many rooms in a mysterious house. The game room in the game will be darker, so it will distract your attention and the ghosts in the room are more scary. You have to destroy it within the agreed time or escape in time. The joy of adventure is that you don't know what ghosts are waiting for you in the room.

4. Crowbar tool, keys, jewels, mop, wine, salt, gunshot, etc., can all be useful props. Will the numerous rooms let you get lost in it? Exercise your spatial logical thinking!

5. Collect whole objects, puzzles, paint a bear, twist the gears and much more, it's fun for adults and kids.
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