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Real Bike Racing 2020 - Racing Bike Game APK

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Real Bike racing-2020 - Racing Bike Game now at your play store...

Game Modes:πŸ‘€

Laps 🏞
speed test 🏍
Knock out 🏍
check points 🏁

Offline free game:

Ride your Bike through curvy paths on amazing desert and forest roads but be careful on dangerous turns. Prove that you are the best bike racer. The Best Mobile Bike game ever in Play store.

Game Features:πŸ‘€

😊Free to game
πŸ—»Best Game Play
🏞 10 tracks in different themes like forest, desert...etc
🏍 Authentic 3d physics and feel good graphics
πŸ‘Œ Choose the bike of your choice from 10 unique super bikes🏍

Road racing 🏞

Road racing is a form of motorcycle racing held on paved road surfaces. The races can be held either on a purpose-built closed circuit or on a street circuit utilizing temporarily closed public roads.

Superbike racing 🏍

Superbike racing is the category of motorcycle road racing that employs modified production motorcycles, as with touring cars. Superbike racing motorcycles must have four stroke engines of between 800 cc and 1200 cc for twins, and between 750 cc and 1000 cc for four cylinder machines.

Endurance racing 🏍

Endurance racing is a category of motorcycle road racing which is meant to test the durability of equipment and endurance of the riders. Teams of multiple riders attempt to cover a large distance in a single event. Teams are given the ability to change riders during the race. Endurance races can be run either to cover a set distance in laps as quickly as possible, or to cover as much distance as possible over a preset amount of time. Reliability of the motorcycles used for endurance racing is paramount.

Motocross 🏁

Motocross (or MX) is the direct equivalent of road racing, but off-road, a number of bikes racing on a closed circuit. Motocross circuits are constructed on a variety of non-tarmac surfaces such as dirt, sand, mud, grass, etc., and tend to incorporate elevation changes either natural or artificial. Advances in motorcycle technology, especially suspension, have led to the predominance of circuits with added "jumps" on which bikes can get airborne.

Track racing 🏁

Track racing is a form of motorcycle racing where teams or individuals race opponents around an oval track. There are differing variants, with each variant racing on a different surface type.

Indoor short track and TT Racing 🏞

Indoor races consist of either: a polished concrete floor with coke syrup, or other media sprayed or mopped onto the concrete for traction for the tyres of the motorcycles, or on dirt that has been moistened and hard packed, or left loose (often called a cushion). Similar to the size of the Arena cross Arenas or sometimes smaller, these tight indoor race tracks require the riders to have accurate throttle control to negotiate them.

Speedway 🏞🏍

Speedway racing takes place on a flat oval track usually consisting of dirt or loosely packed shale, using bikes with a single gear and no brakes. Competitors use this surface to slide their machines sideways (power sliding or broadsiding) into the bends using the rear wheel to scrub-off speed while still providing the drive to power the bike forward and around the bend.

Categories πŸ‘€

Grass track
Ice speedway
Board track
Auto Race

Other categories πŸ‘€

Drag racing/sprints
Hill climb
Land speed racing
Super Hooligan
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