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RC Drone Flight Simulator APK

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The best drone pilots learn the best flight techniques with the most advanced simulators.

Become one of them in the best flight school that exists: RC Drone Simulator Real Flight Sim 3D.

Enter the academy and get ready to get your drone pilot's license. In this flight simulator you will have to fly all types of drone and different scenarios. Fly through the city, through a lake, inside a school classroom or through a warehouse of merchandise.

As a good drone pilot you will have to know how to fly all types of aircraft that exist, and in RC Drone Simulator Real Flight Sim 3D we have them all:

· Quadcopter Drone: A classic that never dies. It was one of the first types of drone that appeared but its flight capabilities continue to captivate all drone flight pilots. Balance between speed, acceleration and piloting.

· Buzz Drone: The evolution of the quadcopter drone. Lighter and faster but a little more demanding when it comes to piloting it. Only for semi-professional flight pilots.

· Mole Drone: The all-rounder of drone. A heavy aircraft for a more stable flight. The most conservative pilots will love it. If it were a car, it would certainly be offroad type.

· Blade Drone Racing: Light as a feather and sharp as a blade. A fast drone with great flight capacity. Fly between obstacles and perform impossible maneuvers with this racing drone.

· Dual Drone Splitter: A futuristic drone with only two propellers that provide high speed and great flight handling.

· Hexadrone: Another drone of the future with six propellers and a large domed central unit that balances the flight of this drone. Good speed and maneuverability for a high level flight simulator.

🛸 UFO Drone: Pilot an alien flying saucer and feel like an extraterrestrial at the controls of your spaceship. An extreme flight mode as the final culmination to this great game of drones and flight simulator.

In this episode of RC Drone Simulator Real Flight Sim 3D you can test your skills as a drone pilot in 4 different scenarios:

🌳 The Lake: Fly in the open field in this natural setting. Perform dangerous extreme flight maneuvers between trees, electric turrets and under bridges.

🏫 The Classroom of the School: Fly your drone between desks and school computers. A scenario in which to test your abilities as a drone pilot.

🌇 The City: Flying drones between buildings is a task for professional pilots. Show that you are one of them in this urban setting.

📦 The Warehouse: Run with your drone in this warehouse of dangerous goods and fly between boxes and shelves of products. This scenario is the most demanding of all since flying between small objects is what proves that you are a true professional pilot.

Feel the real drone flight simulation with RC Drone Simulator Real Flight Sim 3D:

- Configure the controls of your drone as if it were a real one. You have 3 different control modes to choose from.
- Control the parameters of your drone with a flight information interface as in real drone. Battery, flight height, vertical speed and horizontal speed are displayed on the screen to make flight simulator more realistic.
- Find batteries on the stage to expand your flight autonomy.
- Collect coins to buy new flight drones and improve them.
- Your drones are not indestructible, avoid blows and accidents so as not to destroy your aircraft.
- Fly in 1st or 3rd person for more realistic and exciting flight experiences.

RC Drone Simulator Real Flight Sim 3D, one of the best drone games 2018 and 3D flight simulator. Download this free game now!

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