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Quran Memorization Test APK

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Quran memorization test

Quran memorization test app is a free easy Quran hifz test application that can be used every Muslim who want to revise their memorization. It is a Quran surah quiz test application that has the creative features enabling you to correct your mistake. You will get the Quran surah quiz by a multiple choice questionnaire also you can record your surah to test your Quran memorization.

How many verses and surahs of Quran Majeed you have read, memorized and learned? If you want to revise them and you want to check your accuracy then this app is for you. You don't need to go anywhere to test quran memorization and accuracy level. It is a complete and easy Quran hifz test application.


1. Test and result of a particular surah: Select a particular surah and start the Quran surah quiz. Test of a particular surah by multiple choice questionnaire and voice.

2. Easily select ayat range to give a quiz: Easily select ayat range to test the memorization by voice.

3. Test your memorization by voice.

4. Track surah and ayat from your revision: Old quiz result details and show which ayat is wrong. Red Mark surah row will show if the given quiz is so old.

5. Quiz results show which ayat wrong at the time of the quiz in red mark.

6. Mark the ayat where you need more improvement: Perform tab show old quiz surah and percentage of correction. Easily identify the old quiz surah and the percentage of the correction.

7. Easily search surah name, ayat and easy navigate.

8. Track your kids Quran learning easily.

9. Share quiz result.

Quran memorization test app has been created by dedicated and honest Muslims and the quality has been tested and verified to avoid error and mistake.

A lot of Quran memorizers always make mistakes when they revise. People track their mistakes by drawing lines in the Quran where they are messing up. Quran memorization test / Quran hifz test app is designed to correct the mistake smartly where you can see the mistake line and it will be saved on your history.

You can easily mark the ayah where you have the problem that needs more work. This app is very helpful for the children where parents can check and observe their children's mistakes and memorization.

We look forward to helping you in progress with the Quran memorization test. We would like to continue the update. If you benefit from this Quran hifz test app, we would love it if you give us a review.
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