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Quiz Quran Games Juz 30 + Audio Offline APK

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Quran quiz game is a quiz to try out your Quran recitation so you can know the extent of your Quran recitation.

This Quran quiz game is suitable for your children who often play mobile phones, because it can provide education to your child about memorizing the Qur'an especially memorizing the Quran part Juz 30.

The rules in this quran quiz game are quite simple, we only need to answer the next verse of the questions in this quran quiz game. In other words it can be referred to as a verse continuation.

🤩 Let's do the verses to try out our Quran recitation! 🤩

The quran hafizh and the quran hafizh candidates, often do verse verses to their friends to try out the perfection of their memorization, now this quran quiz game is suitable for hafizh who want to reconnect verses and test their Quran recitation skills.

"Try rote learning more fun"
The game continued verse in the Quran Quiz game is very suitable for people who have memorized or memorized one of the suras in juz amma. We can collect all the medals in each surah. The mission we have to do is get 3 medals in each surah. On the other hand there is also a main medal, which is to calculate the overall achievement of you. So this quran quiz game is perfect for measuring the extent of your Quran recitation skills!

Surah List In the quran quiz game application
- An-Naba ’
- An-Nazi'at
- asa Abasa
- At-Takwir
- Al-Infithar
- Al-Muthaffifin
- Al-Insyiqaq
- Al-Buruj
- Athariq
- Al-A'la
- Al-Ghasyiyah
- Al-Fajr
- Al-Balad
- Ash-Shams
- Ad-Dhuha
- Al-Insyirah
- Al-laAlaq
- Al-Qadr
- Al-Bayyinah
- Al-Zalzalah
- Al-iAdiyat
- Al-Qari'ah
- At-Takatsur
- Al-Ashr
- Al-Humazah
- Al-Fil
- Quraysh
- Al-Ma’un
- Al-Kautsar
- Al-Kafirun
- An-Nashr
- Al-Lahab
- Al-Ikhlash
- Al-Falaq
- An-Nas

Quran Quiz Games feature
- Suara Surah (By Shaykh Misyari Rasyid Alafasy)
As we know, Shaykh Misyari Rasyid Alafasy is quite fluent and melodious in reading the Koran so that the voice quiz will be read by the melodious voice of Shaykh Misyari Rasyid Alafasy

- Available in 2 languages
Apart from Indonesian, this Quran recitation game is also available in English, so this application, God willing, can be more global

- simple display
The application is packaged with a simple and attractive design so that it will make us feel comfortable using this application

- Surah Juz Amma Complete (An Naba - An Nas)
This Quran Quiz juz 30 is made complete from An Naba to An Nas, so it is suitable for those of you who memorize the quran on juz 30

- free
This Quran recitation quiz application is completely free for you, you don't need to pay to test your memorization.

Come download the Quran Quiz and try your Quran recitation now!
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