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Premier Bowling Scorekeeper (BDSS!) APK

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b>Premier Bowling Scorekeeper is a full-featured bowling score keeper, game tracker, reporting and metrics app.

The app comes complete with everything you’d expect of a typical bowling score keeping app, but also includes a wide variety of advanced features for the serious bowler, youth leader or college coach.

With Premier Bowling Scorekeeper there is

NO ADDITIONAL IN-APP purchases required for Full Functionality
ZERO advertisements
• Unlimited bowlers
• Unlimited history for leagues, tournaments, open bowls and drills
• Full support for Regular, Baker, No-Tap and even No-Tap/Baker bowl
• Full Support for Individual and Team play
• Tons and tons of detailed metrics (currently over 60)

Features include

• Full game tracking for league, tournament, open and drill bowling
• A full range of real-time, detailed metrics
• Frame-by-frame game entry, or “Quick Score Entry (QSE)” for simply entering final game score
• Simple frame-by-frame ball tracking, and other frame and ball criteria
• Superior ad-hoc reporting providing unlimited real-time filtering using over 30 criteria
• Graphically trends all league metrics
• View and graph week-by-week running league metrics
• Track 'Ball Finish Position' (Light, Pocket, Brooklyn, etc.)
• Automatically calculates league handicap
• Supports Regular, Baker, No-Tap bowling
• Supports for Individual or league Team bowl
• Track and report on different “shot types”, including Standard, Challenge and Sport
• Track notes for each sessions, game or frame bowled
• Full game or series edit capabilities
• Score frames using pin counts totals, or exact pin leaves
• Complete “sharing” capabilities
• Full backup and restore features. Backup to cloud-based services such as Google Drive or Drobox
• Export data to a comma-delimited .csv file
• A built-in bowling ball speed calculator
• Help information on virtually all form

Robust report and query capabilities

• Complete with 8 predefined reports that can be filtered on over 30 game and frame criteria
• Execute multiple reports for multiple bowlers simultaneously for comparative reporting
• Combine criteria with AND and OR logic to find specifically what you are looking for
• All frame-level reports can be executed on Baker format games, giving individual frame statistics per bowler

• Combine filters on criteria such as

o Bowling Center
o Date bowled
o Lane Pattern
o Ball used
o Time start and end
o Lanes numbers
o Shot type
o Game number
o Games that contain notes
o Ball speed
o Standing board
o Lane target boards
o Actual board hit
o Breaking point board
o Frame number
o Frames with notes
o Pin count left
o Pins knocked down
o Was a spare made?
o Was a strike made?
o Did a foul occur?
o Was a split left?

Drill Bowling

• Easily setup custom, pin-based (i.e. 7 pin, 10 pin, etc.) or target-based (i.e. 10 board out to 15th board) drills
• Combine pin-based drill and target-based drills.
• Create drills where ball 1 is different than ball 2 (i.e. 7 pin on ball 1, 10 pin on ball 2)
• Track and report on HITS and MISSES when executing drills
• View drill metrics and graph progress and trends over time. Filter drill metrics using a variety of attributes
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