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Newsbook: Top US News Headlines, Latest USA News. APK

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Best short news app for daily news feed for daily & breaking news for The United States of America.

Newsbook is USA’s fastest growing news app provides which US latest news with infinite scroll of news feed with headlines & brief description of all the latest and breaking news.

Newsbook "US Short news" is the best news app to get the latest news in the English and is one of best short news App with cleanest UI design and very light weight.

Short News App Features
• News wall with infinite scroll for US news feed with headlines & brief description.
• Bookmark your favorite News and read later.
• Easy and quick way of getting short USA news and top news headlines.
• Fastest and quick loading of US news even on slow connections.
• Opt in or Opt out to get notifications of Breaking US News and Headlines.
• Like, Share & comment your favorite news with your friends easily.
• Very easy to navigate to complete US news story for reading detailed news story.
• Backed with powerful ML & AI to present you latest and breaking news from multiple leading National & International news sources.

Key Categories of Newsbook Short News App
• Top Breaking News
• US News
• Sports News
• Entertainment
• Health
• Science
• Latest Technology News

How Newsbook one of the Best US News App works?
Newsbook is built with powerful back end with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to bring you the best news from multiple leading sources. The design of Newsbook(US News App) is so simple and clutter free with all major social networking features such as Like, Comment, Share with infinite scroll to bring you all latest daily News. There is a powerful trending feature also to keep you updated with trending news driven by AI, MI, user likes, comments & shares.

Newsbook app saves your time and stay updated on Latest US News in short and Breaking News in short.

Why Newsbook is best Short US News App?

There are many news apps but when it comes to "Light" and "Short" news app, Newsbook is surely tops the category for summarizing the news in short.

App Size : just 2.5 MBs
Short: crisp, summarized and relevant news in around 30 words only!

Though there are many news apps which give summarized news, but Newsbook is unique and different in the following ways:

- Relevant Push Notifications based on user behavior: You receive those Push Notifications which matter to you.

- News are updated instantly and presented in around 30 words : You get to stay updated with all the latest happenings .

- You can easily get relevant news of your interest for USA. News are summarized in a beautiful and easily readable and attractive scroll feed format. You can read a lot of news (a lot of it!) in less time.

- Each category is subdivided into Trending news and Latest news.

- Supports 2 countries (India, US) in our News App. Other countries will be added soon.

- It is almost ad-free! Very difficult to find this feature in other apps these days.

- Short News app provides heading and of news articles from various national and international publications in around 30 words.

- Fresh news are added so that you don’t miss out on any important news.

- Breaking and trending news are presented instantly in real-time. All these news can be read in less than a minute.

- Like, Comment and Share News: Share your favorite news with your friends. Like the news you want to be recommended.

- One Touch Share: Facebook, WhatsApp and all other social platforms are supported, so you can share important news with your friends and network.

Hope you will like Newsbook - Short News App and share with your friends.
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