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Mystery Box Of Slime Simulator APK

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This game has been created for all slime lovers, we know you are demanding satisfying slime games and here we are with this new release.

With Mystery Box of Slime you will be able to get a totally random slime and start playing with it, stretch it, change colors, make the slime small or make it bigger, everything its up to you and your creativity.

This game its a perfect to get some time off and relax touching the slime and listening the satisfying sounds of slime.

How To Play?

A mystery box will appear on the screen, the box its just the mystery of the game.. exactly the same when you spin a wheel of slime, you will get a totally random item everytime, for example, you can get a blue hard texture slime…

Create your own

You have the chance to create a satisfying slime with the objects that you will get from the box, you can even create a fortnite slime! In the meantime you get slime properties you can pause challenge and guess what is the next object , try not to say wow ! Tik kiss challenge is suitable for all ages, even for kids in the monster school. You can play this game with your friends and with your sis vs bro etc..

Decorate your slime

Put colors, cheesy, glittering, emotes or many other things that will make your slime looking very cool ! roast yourself! In this game its not allowed to switch up so try not to laugh when you finish your own slime ! its your piece of art ! Double face your slime and incorporate cool animations on it.

Publishing your slime

Once your Slime will be finish you can be proud of your art, share it with your loved ones, share the love ! or share how you feel together with the slime.. in the next version we will add a feature where you can smash or pass slimes of other users, lots of laughs !
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