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Millionaire | Quiz & Trivia Game 2020 APK

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Millionaire Quiz : Quiz & Trivia Game 2020 contest is a game of information and information that contains thousands of new, varied and useful questions.

It was also installed on TV all over the world with several names such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, who will be the millionaire or who will win the million and then became who will win the two million and it should be noted that it was among Most viewed programs.

The finalist must answer 15 questions in order to win a million. The questions range from difficulty to difficulty, as the most difficult according to the stages of the program, according to the allocated financial prizes.. Also, the application contains various questions:
- Cultural questions
- Questions in history
- Geographical questions
- Science questions
- Personal Questions
- Scientific questions
- Technology questions
- Daily life questions
- Gas
- Health Questions
- Medical questions
- Law Questions
- Language questions
- etc ...

There are also five aids available for contestants, which can be used:
- Delete two answers: the system deletes two of the three errors
- Contact a friend: The contestant uses a friend to find the correct answer;
- Using the public: The present public votes on the answer that it considers
- Change of Question: The contestant can change the question when he
passes the fifth question.
- Watch the video (the internet must be available): The contestant can watch
an advertising video and get the answer

Enjoy the game of ' Millionaire Quiz : Quiz & Trivia Game 2020 ' : Who wants to be a millionaire and discover new and interesting information.
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