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Introduction to Psychology APK

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Introduction to Psychology app provides you useful information about Psychology.

This app is designed for students, teachers and general readers who want to learn Psychology.
Psychology is the study of behavior and mind of all aspects of conscious and unconscious experience as well as thought. Our app of Psychology shows various useful concept.
While studying Psychology, there are important concept to study like psychiatry, psychoanalysis, Psychologist, memory & so on.
While psychological knowledge is often applied to the assessment and treatment of mental health problems, it is also directed towards understanding and solving problems in many different spheres of human activity.

Some of the topics are :

- Introduction to psychology
- Psychology Definition
- What is Psychology
- Role
- Human Behavior
- Psychology Discipline
- Methods of Enquiry in Psychology
- Human Development
- Learning
- Human Memory
- Thinking
- Motivation and Emotion
- Popular Notions About Psychology
- Evolution Of Psychology
- Branches of Psychology
- Basic vs Applied Psychology
- Psychology and Other Disciplines
- Nature of Psychological Data
- Analysis of Data
- Limitations of Psychological Enquiry
- Meaning Of Development
- Infancy
- Childhood
- Nature of Learning
- Cognitive Learning
- Concept Learning
- Skill Learning
- Nature of Memory
- Stage Model
- Memory Systems
- Nature and Causes of Forgetting
- Desicion Making
- Creative Thinking
- Development of Language
- Nature of Motivation
- Nature of Emotions
- Physiological Bases Of Emotions
- Psychological Disorders
- Psychology and Life
- Nature of Groups
- Formation of Groups
- Types of Groups
- Social Identity
- Social Cognition
- Nature and Process of Psychotherapy
- Stress and Its Nature
- Stress Management Techniques
- Intelligence


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