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Happy Playground Wheels APK

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Happy Playground Wheels is a fun physics-based ragdoll Playground game.

Happy Playground wheels contains several people characters with different wheels vehicle, trying to reach the finish line in each level. This Playground Wheels is fully physics based Playground game, Playground people wheels could fall into an unpredictable funny and gory situations.

Happy Playground wheels is also a casual extreme game. In which you can jump around and avoid obstacles, spikes and arrows.

Experience the real physics wheels based game, Happy Playground Playground offers a stimulating combination of surprising clues, a little luck and deadly challenges. With many people characters and vehicles to ride, each level is a new experience. Survive deadly wheels traps, hazards and your own bike turning against you as you try to reach the finish line of each game stage. Playing happy Playground wheels is like riding csr bike race game.

This game features different vehicles and people characters like electric wheelchair, pogo stick, bikes, quad, hoverboard. Drive your wheels bike or quad into an extreme racing levels.

Overall, this game is a total entertainment and time pass.

Happy Playground wheels launches an exciting game with bloody wheels challenges and black humor. You won’t regret it, but your rider might! So keep your ragdoll limbs as complete as possible and reach the end flag avoiding the many ways to die.

Happy Playground features several unblocked levels each with different wheels vehicles (bike, motorbike, quad, hoverboard, wheelchair, more is coming), without forgetting the pogo stick fans and free rag-doll levels.

Discover the real physics-based happy Playground wheels on your phone or tablet it offers an exciting mix of incredible ways to die, deadly challenges. Feel speed of racing biker, go through the deadly wheels course of survival. Make the death wheels way and challenging paths, ignore bloods, broken bones and losing one or more limbs, and reaching the limit!

Drive happily, control your wheels and do everything you can to survive in this glorious game.It require a lot of patience to stay alive and lots of blood and courage.

Expect to see a lot of blood and courage. Your goal is to finish each happy Playground level without hurting your Playground. It takes a lot of patience to reach the goal. Do your best to survive in this fun and fun.Your goal is to get the finish line with life as fast as possible ... which may be harder than you think.

You will enjoy its bloody super engaging gameplay. There are lots of blood, but the game is so funny that if you play it with your friends none of you will stop laughing, millions of users give huge thanks because of such an exciting game.
Enjoy happy Playground wheels people the best csr,bike, race game till now.
Choose your favorite rider and vehicle and try to find a way to the exit, and stay alive!

The happy Playground wheels goal is to still alive avoiding obsctales, do your best to survive this bloody game.

Enjoy your death wheel and keep happy!
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