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Final Bass Fishing(FBF) APK

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[Experience the excitement of real bass fishing on your smartphone]

■■■■■■■■Characteristics of the Game■■■■■■■■■

●Your goal is to be the top angler in the world!
Variable Rank Tournament

The monthly tournaments feature heated battles by anglers from around the world for rewards.
If you win a tournament, get a higher rank, and get into the highest rank "Champions" the world title is just around the corner!

●It is like a natural lake! 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, changing fishing conditions.

The environment of the lake changes every time, depending on many conditions such as spring, summer, autumn and winter, morning, noon, night and weather.

It is necessary to choose the best tackle, predict the bass behavior pattern, and respond flexibly.

●AI recreates the behavior patterns of the basses of the four seasons

They move to the deep part in search of stable water temperature in the winter and act in harmony with a flock of bait fishes. The behavior pattern based on the ecology of black bass is completely reproduced!

●Catch a bass with lure movement! 
Realistic lure operation

The lure moves realistically because of the physics engine.It is up to you to give life to the lure and catch a bass.

●Boat across vast lakes

There are a lot of points you want to throw, such as areas where branches overhang and lily pad fields, etc.

●Tackle combinations are 60,000 +

Choose the lure according to the water quality and bait fishes the bass is following!

The color of the lure is an important factor. Choose the best color for water quality and weather.

The thickness of the fishing line is important. 
If the water is clear, a thin line will be effective for the basses, but there is a possibility to miss the large basses.

●You can play to the end for free.

FBF is free to play to the end, but you can get tackles faster with in-app purchases.
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