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Drag Ball - Hole King APK

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If you love to play happy ball drag and easy control maze games then here is a classic arcade balls game waiting for you to install and have fling ball fun with it.

This dunk ball into hole game will not disappoint you because multiple surprising levels are added with more ball twist and slide challenges. You just have to drag and through ball into the hole by using different ball fling, twist and slide jump strategies. Enjoy one of the best mini golf champion game for free.

This perfect ball drag game is a source of unlimited fun in your leisure hours. With this skee ball fun game, you can promote your mental focus and improve you ball smash hit. You have to aim the puke in the hole. The player of our casual games has to coordinate his audio and visual skills along with physical movements. The actions and activities in this hoop ball game on the screen are great for your mental stimulation.

The player has to follow some rules to play hole king games. Just pull back the puke for a few seconds to aim at the hole and release it immediately. Practice for perfect drag and slide ball to become mini golf champion. If you can push a puke toward its right direction, the puke will successfully fall into hole by crossing all hurdles. Avoid hitting the ball with hurdles in this classic arcade ball game otherwise ball will twist or fling and will not reach to destination hole. Perfect ball drag and slide will lead you to cross hurdles and to complete all the levels. Become ball smash hit master by playing this drag ball – hole king game.

It is one of our best free arcade games to force players to pay attention to the action of games. This is easy to play for everyone due to its simple and easy gameplay. Our developers are consistently working on this flappy ball game to make it more exciting and interesting for players. So don’t miss a chance to slide and through ball in the hole.

Drag ball - Hole King Highlights:

- A Striking ball Experience
- 3D graphics with beautiful colors
- Satisfying maze playing experience
- Easy to roll, slide and play ball
- Multiple interesting hoop ball levels
- Surprising classic ball arcade balls hurdles

To play a dunk ball into hole game, you have to maintain smooth movement of the puck. Visually appealing graphics and immense challenges force anyone to keep playing this drag ball – hole king. Consistent ball in the hole wins allow you to get exciting prizes. Puck is available with cool designs to enhance your fun. Kill your boredom with our simple and unique ball in the hole games.

Instructions to play drag ball – hole king:

- Pay attention to the puke to move it smoothly toward a hole
- Drag ball back for a few seconds, and them release in the desired direction
- The ball will smoothly move toward the hole after crossing all hurdles
- Keep playing this hoop ball game to move to an advanced level. Our developers are bringing new updates in the current festive season

Don’t wait, download and install this drag ball game and enjoy the happy ball drag for free. Give us your positive feedback to improve us.
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