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Devotion - Offline Bible APK

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Best devotion app which is free for all believers.

The Holy Bible with devotion has been available to people in the vernacular since the early 1600s when the monarch of England commissioned a group of scholars to prepare a version which everyone could understand. The devotion is written in simple English and can be read by new believers. The initial versions were very expensive, but the advent of the printing press and proliferation of printings over the centuries have made the King James or Authorized Version of scriptures the inexpensive standard and perhaps the most recognized version, even four centuries later. This Bible comes with daily devotion which uses online data hence you need internet to read the free devotion.
The growth in the use of mobile devices and the many apps which are available today has affected the available of Bible apps with devotion to be used online. Any person today with a mobile device can download a KJV with daily devotion to their phone and use it at any time. Because Bibles are in such wide usage, it is much more convenient to have an Authorized Version available in an easily accessed app on your smartphone or other mobile device. There is no need to carry a bulky bound volume around for easy access. The KJV is the best known version of the Word and is the one most often referenced by students of the word. It does, however, contain words and phrases which are not in common use today.

More than one version may be the choice of those who want to get deeper into the study of scriptures. However, for easy access, the Authorized Version is a good choice for offline download. The KJV is a widely available version. The ability to have the free Bible tucked away in a pocket or purse is perfect for those who only have a few minutes at a time to spare to read or study. Taking the phone out and using the bookmark feature to find a recent reading location is available at any time and place where a phone can be used.

The devotion app is available at the Google store at no charge. This free app means that the Scriptures are available in KJV and other versions to anyone who wants to have a copy of the Word in hand. Downloading of the app requires only a few minutes and is easy to do. Using the devotion app is easier and more convenient thanks to the tools which are available with the software.

The highlighter feature is one helpful tool for this free devotion. Many people who want to call attention to a particular verse or phrase will enjoy the feature. The ability to use a particular color to bring out a favorite verse is a benefit to those who enjoy the powerful language of the Authorized Version. Students of the Word can use the note-taking tool to aid in studying the major themes. Adding a note to a particular text or verse while listening to a sermon or study adds meaning and understanding to the topic. You may want to jot down a question, or comment for later study and follow-up. Notes can also be used to link a series of texts for assistance in presenting spiritual topics.

Read the daily free devotion and grow in the Lord mightily. You are born to win no matter the circumstances you face.

Enjoy your Bible with best free devotion today.
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