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Crazy Wheel Simple – Match Color Spinning Circle APK

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Crazy Wheel Simple is the most addictive and relaxing colour matching game you will ever play! Go with the flow and tap the screen to match the correct arrow color with the same color on the crazy spinning wheel.

Win the highest scores and be the master of this fresh color wheel game!
This is a game where you can relax with its chill out music, sleek minimalistic art style and at the same time train and increase your reflexes and movement speed skills every day and become a winner .

The main task is the color match. Test your reflexes and tap the screen to align the correct color on the 4 color spinning wheel figure. The color changing arrow / line is in constant movement like a clock and goes from one tone to another in a pattern, so just tap to align colors in this 4 color matching game. Enjoy a free color match arcade game app anywhere!

This colour matching game starts slow, but is challenging and quickly the speed increases and gets faster and faster! Go with the flow and try to beat your best score to become the ultimate tap game winner! Tap on your screen to align the tone of the arrow / line with the correct color on the crazy 4 tone wheel. you need to do it fast before the arrow / line changes its tone.
Are you a winner? Do you accept the challenge?, It will be easy at first, but as you progress and train in this brain teaser game, the difficulty is going to increase and will be faster and crazier! beat your score and test your ability and reflexes like never before with the best tapper arcade game in the world!

Your goal in this fresh color match game is to combine your brain and your finger with flow and rhythm. Providing endless hours of relaxation and fun, Crazy Wheel Simple is a minimalistic reflex game where you can win scores. There is no clock or timer but you need to be fast and have ability, try to increase and beat your highest scores, Is like an art, follow the wheel pattern, test your flow movement skills and train your brain until you increase your ability and become a master of the spinning wheel color match !

✔️Addictive color changing wheel game
✔️Easy to play, but hard to master
✔️No clock or timer but Increasing spinning difficulty as you progress
✔️Test your ability and reflexes & beat your scores
✔️A fresh color match tap game for all ages
✔️minimalistic & friendly user interface
✔️Chill out relaxing music
✔️Simple and but sleek 2d art style
✔️FREE to play 4 colour matching rhythm game

One day in another dimension,, there was a massive war and epic destructions were going on, later there was a very powerful explosion which created a portal to the “2DVG” dimension (2d Video Games Dimension) the one you see every time you play 2d video games with your smartphone, there is also the Video Games 3d Dimension you can go through another portal but that is a different story. The Crazy Wheel figure was in movement and flying on the space by that time, got caught by the portal and swapped dimensions.
Crazy Wheel belongs to the geometric shape race which was created by a much more powerful race as tools for some sort of advanced weapons, the way the work is still a mystery, sadly only Crazy Wheel has been found on the 2d Video Game Dimension, so we don’t know much about this geometric shape race, the only thing scientist have realized is that there are variations in this race, all geometric figures / shapes: triangle, square, polygons, lines, etc. used as tools by another advanced race.

Who knows if someday this story will change and the wheel will be able to swap dimensions and go to its geometric shape one through another portal.

Chill out and relax and also at the same time give your reflexes a workout with this crazy color wheel video game!
Train your skills and become a winner today for FREE!
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