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Counter Gangster City Strike: Battle Royale 2021 APK

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The city is plagued by the gangsters and mafia lords.

They are doing shooting and looting money from the innocents. A new day brings a new gangster shooter in town. The locals are very anxious. They have high hopes with their police. Thus, now police either has to put all the misery of the citizen down in the free war or accept their failure. But remember in Counter Gangster city Strike - Battle Royale 2021 the police never loose courage. They will take down every shooter with their guns strike in FPS battle Royale. They will counter the shooting by epic shooting because it is a free war for them. They will do their duty in 3d battle royale 2021.

The police will do the guns strike in Counter Gangster city Strike - Battle Royale 2021. In this shooting free war games, the police will fight the army of the gangsters and mafia lords. They have a duty to accomplish with their guns. The non-stop shooting of the gangsters has caused horror in the city. It’s time to take this horror away from common people and give it to the gangsters. The savior of the city will not hesitate to shoot at the gangsters. They will prove that they have the best shooting skills and they are the best guns shooter. They can counter any threat to peace and in this free war they will do some epic shooting and guns strike to take down gangsters in battle royale. In this shooting games of battle royale, in order to counter gangsters you are provided with best weapons that include pistols, assault rifles, machine guns and even sniper rifles. With this sort of guns, guns trike becomes handy. Be the real shooter to end the free war in your city. Accomplish missions to fulfill your duty to counter gangsters in battle royale shooting games. Luck and skill as the best shooter in 3d shooting games will make you the best counter gangster’s soldier in free war games .

Features of Counter Gangster city Strike - Battle Royale 2021 are:
🔫 Multiple missions, multiple vehicles including cars, bikes, tanks and helicopter, some explosives
🔫 Multiple weapons for guns strike
🔫 Fps shooting gameplay and missions with 3d graphics
🔫 Best shooter skills needed in battle royale
🔫 Free war where you got the chance to fulfill your duty
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