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Confess Your Secrets - Reddit APK

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Share your story with Confess Your Secrets - Reddit and get that nasty secret off your chest with Confessions OffMyChest it's all about real stories what this app offers is a little different you can say it It's not a social media per see, more like a forum.

Anonymous, more serious (depending the subreddit), hundreds of topics, if you don't care about people, and you just want the content: News, information, memes, whatever then Confessions OffMyChest is a great place to be.


- has an amazing spam control

- has subreddits dedicated to certain topics, which are moderated by respective moderators. Expect quality check.

- So many filters to look for top posts.

- It's text only. So, expect a more mature crowd over there since a lot of people avoid due to lack of multimedia on their posts.

- If somehow you get a bot to upvote your post and the quality of the post is not good, the noble knights of the Confess Your Secrets - Reddit community will realize this and downvote your post to oblivion.

- Confess Your Secrets - Reddit is about the content, other social media is about the people.

Privacy Policy: https://bit.ly/2OvtiqI
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