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Classic Hide & Seek Fun Game APK

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You can play Classic Hide & Seek Fun Game for fun.

In which you hide and find others. Hide and seek will always be fun, whatever your age, everyone loves to hide and try to remain hidden. Players around the circle will be divided into Hiders and Seekers. Hiders become an object that is part of the environment mode. Seekers need to find the hider and capture them before they escape. There are three types of hidden include in hide button which use for different categories play like a, clam fair & smart mode. And it will always stay free to play. You will enjoy it if you Hide and Seek game fan.
In Hide and Seek you are either a hider or a seeker. If you are a seeker, your goal is to find and catch all other players that hide in these curious environments. When you are a hider, you need to find a perfect hiding place so that the seeker can’t find you till the end of the countdown. Find the best places to put you out of sight of other player or find the player that are trying to do the same. Climb the hill to find a secure place to hide & seek.
Give a tough time to the other player. Puzzles make the game more interesting & challenging.
One of the most exciting features of this game is multiple player modes where you can play online with the other player of the world by creating the name of your room…A real house of fun for you to have a real fun of this natural game…So get ready to player with unknown player & become the legend of Hide & Seek.
A wonderful natural environment has been created as you played in your childhood. Interesting tasks are there to perform with limited time with cool run.
Classic Hide & Seek Fun Game is a game that we all know of, as kids; we have all been playing it outside. This edition of the game is perfect for everyone that is young by heart and wants to have a lot of fun & chill.
A ground of battle for the players to win the Hide & seek championship for making an identity in the world as a winner. You have an opportunity to fight the land in this amazing game. Have a cool run with patience; use different tricks to hide & seek don’t be panic for time.
If you like Hide & Seek games then you will enjoy our two environments, with beautiful graphics and different dress color and skill characters.
This game is not for specific person, everyone can be the part of this game…many people have their beautiful childhood memories with this game; they can make them more wonderful & beautiful.
Classic Hide & Seek Fun Game Features

- Three types for best hidden mode
- Online game playing with multiple player(your Friends)
- Amazing Environment with great places for hiding
- Adventure
- Cool skins & dress color that provide good camouflage
- Full 3D Environment
- Time based Game
- Two different Environments to play
- Great background music and sound effects
- No age limit

How to play
Play the game, select the dress as you think safe for you according to your play mode, next select the Hide or Seek mode & environment then create room name if you want to play online hide & seek with the your friends by creating your room name, then join your friend this multiplayer room and start play game enjoy the childhood memory

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