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Buy Stocks App - Investment Education APK

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📈 Stock Markets are a great way to invest your money in a long term.

But where to start? How do you can buy stocks? Which investment-strategies are out there? How to save money on fees and provisions for banks and brokers? How to manage your portfolio and what about CFD´s, ETF´s, Funds and Bonds? Our Buy Stocks for Beginners-App will give you all the answers and will prepare you, to invest wisely. 📈

✔️ How to Buy Stocks?

Are you buying stocks for the first time? In this course you’ll learn the basics of investing in stocks, ETFs and funds online.

Although it’s true that stocks have produced an average return of between 5-8% annually, you need to make sure you pick and choose the best stocks for your portfolio.

Learn more about how to choose and select stocks for your portfolio. What are long-, mid- and short-term investments. Are you more a dividend hunter? Or just wanna calm down with Index-ETF´s? May a bit more a Techie? Then you may wanna take a look for Apple, Microsoft or Tesla Stocks?

✔️ What You’ll Learn?

Our Buy Stocks course is written by expert investors to help you begin investing in the stock market. We will explain you the key-principles of investing and you gonna learn the meaning all of this words, that may confuse you now.

✔️ How and why invest in the stock market?

+ What are stocks? - We all started at this point.
+ Which kind of stocks are existing? What are Penny stocks? Dividend-Stocks - Get the differences.
+ How to buy stocks online? - What are the selection-criterias to choose the right one?
+ When to sell stocks? How to make money with stocks?- Learn more about the indicators.
+ Average returns from stock market investments and how your portfolio-strategy affects your returns
+ How to build a healthy portfolio? - How to balance risk and security?
+ How to choose the right investment strategy for your goals
+ Stock market terminology - Get the meanings
+ Taxes and Stocks - How much taxes in the US and the UK? How about 401k´s?
+ Investing vs. Trading stocks
+ ETFs, Bonds, Mutual Funds and CopyPortfolios
+ Best Stocks for beginners
+ Daily stock market analysis - How you can do your research.

✔️ How to Buy Stocks with 0% Fees

It’s important that you choose a stock broker that is easy to use and charges low fees. Our app provides you with a choice of best stock brokers that charge 0% fees. While this might sound that important, it could add up to £100s or even £1000’s while you build up a portfolio.

✔️ Daily Stock Market Analysis

What stocks should you invest in? This is the million dollar question! Our app provides you with daily stock picks and ideas. We’ll also provide you with beginner guides on the best and most popular stocks for beginners.

✅ Download our App today and start your journey.

We love to get your feedback. Get in touch at [email protected] and let us know, how we can improve to give you the best experience.
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