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Bowling Spirit -Record score- APK

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Would you like to record a score of bowling?

Would you like to record a comfortable score of bowling in the bowling alley?

This app is an application that records the score of bowling.

It is a bowling score management application that you meet and those who have been bowling as competition and those that go to the bowling alley to play, a wide range of needs well.

To minimize the hassle of the input with a simple input operation, input in a short time is possible.
Input mode is equipped with a simple mode for those standard mode and you want to enter firmly to state two, the pin, that was really not able to input even score for each frame.

Store the data is saved to the SD card, to take over the data even changing the mobile terminal is possible. It is relieved to take a backup of course.
(For the preservation of the internal SD, it will move to external SD in the manual is needed on mobile devices of some.)

Score of bowling that you enter will be displayed in a variety of ways in each screen.
In addition to Avg and H / S and H / G of the year and month, open frame rate and spare rate and strike rate is calculated display, statistics of the score can be checked clearly.
Graph function implementation course. It can be seen at a glance the progress, and you can also be analyzed, such as ball or another practice and tournament different venues and different.

I also has a support function to the SNS. That you save as an image recording that you entered, and uploaded directly from your mobile device is also available in this app.

Utilizing a network, it is equipped with a ranking function.Should be released by the ranking score users to upload.
You can display aggregate well as rankings of the day, and also annual ranking Monthly Ranking, this leads to the improvement of the motivation, it will be a good rankings to measure the skill of its own.

This bowling records management application, please use the many features.
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