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Borderline Explained Premium APK

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This is the "Ad Free" Premium version of Borderline Explained the truth about BPD.

Borderline personality disorder or BPD affects over 18 million Americans or roughly 6% of the adult population and is arguably the most devastating of all psychiatric disorders. At the same time, BPD is one of the most stigmatized, misunderstood, and least talked about psychiatric disorders. For many years it was believed that BPD only affected young women. However, we now know that both men and women of all ages are affected with BPD. What makes BPD such a devastating disorder is the high rate of self-injury and suicidal behavior associated with it. With a “death by suicide” rate of roughly 10% it currently has the highest mortality rate of any mental health condition.

The American Psychiatric Association classifies BPD not as a psychiatric disorder but as a personality disorder. A personality disorder is an enduring and pervasive pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaving which deviates markedly from the social norm and causes significant personal distress as well as social and occupational impairment. Personality disorders tend to be treatment resistant, however there are exceptions.

This app will explore borderline personality disorder including the origin of the disorder, the symptoms, and associated behaviors, the statistics associated with BPD, and the current treatments. Despite what was once believed about BPD being untreatable, we now know that with the proper psychotherapy many people with BPD do get better and even fully recover.

Borderline Explained includes:
• A comprehensive and detailed description of borderline
personality disorder.
• The A.P.A. official diagnostic criteria for BPD with explanations.
• A discussion of the possible cause of BPD
• Original articles from the developers
• Borderline personality disorder in men
• Information on treatments from the Nat’l Institute of Mental
• A discussion of DBT therapy for BPD
• Detailed statistics on the prevalence, the mortality rate, and other
statistics on BPD
• Celebrities with BPD
• A self-assessment for BPD
• Informational videos on BPD
• An assessment for testing your knowledge about BPD

We are happy to address any concerns you have or respond to your questions regarding BPD or any Psycnet app at, [email protected]
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