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Askariapp: A Neighborhood Watch & Crime Alert App APK

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The askariapp allows you to know the overall safety of your area as reported by different users of the askariapp in your neighborhood.

The askariapp will send you a crime alert whenever you enter a potentially unsafe area.

You can also request for a crime report for an area you are in and get to see how other people in the area have rated its safety.

Askariapp provides citizens and tourists with all the security information needed to better their safety. Askariapp supports citizen watch initiatives by allowing citizens and neighbors to report any safety or crime related events in their area.

Askariapp builds a crime map database from information crowd-sourced from askariapp users each time they flag an area as safe or unsafe. The crime reports provide community members with all safety information that they need for their neighborhood watch. Crime mapping is very helpful to any community and it helps the community be more aware of what is happening in their neighborhood.

Askariapp is also the perfect travel companion especially if you are not sure about crime levels of the area you are traveling to.

Join our community now. Let’s be the frontier of crime stoppers that reduce crime by informing each other about what places we should avoid. You can trust Askariapp to be your reliable neighbourhood watch and crime alert app.
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