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AR Rock-Paper-Scissors APK

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AR RPS ICQ: gameplay and rules of the game:

AR RPS ICQ takes place in PvP (player versus player) mode. You can also play the game in AR mode (Augmented Reality).
Before you is an unusual chess field with pieces. Units have certain weapons: stone, scissors or paper. Armament is heard automaticaly. You select a unit that will be your standard-bearer and also indicate which of your soldiers will set a trap. How this weapon is placed with your opponent - you don't know.

Now you need to calculate the probabilities, bluff, check your opponent for stamina and rely a little on luck. Each figure can walk forward, backward and sideways. The attack follows the same principle.
Your figure has met the enemy figure: the battle begins. If the units have different weapons, then the victory occurs according to the rules of Stone-Scissors-Paper: stone defeats scissors, paper defeats stone, scissors defeats paper. If the units have the same weapons, then you can select a weapon again.

The main goal of the game is to find and capture a figure. The player who makes it faster becomes the winner. That's all!

Play now in AR. Augmented Reality let you dive into gameplay and use all dimensions of both worlds in your gadget. Use your power to rule and win. We await you behind the frontier!

About the game:

The world of RPS is constantly expanding and improving. In it, as in any ecosystem, new species constantly appear, new branches, new ways to immerse you in the universe of the game. Now we bring to your attention another round - AR RPS ICQ. What is it?

We took a cultural phenomenon from the dusty shelves of the gaming industry - the RPS game, known to users of the old good ICQ, and adapted it to the Worldopo universe. Not many people will now remember the most popular messenger of the beginning zero, which were on the phone and computer of each advanced user. In it, people met, loved, argued, quarreled, and, of course, played.

The flexible functionality of the messenger made it possible to launch all kinds of simple but exciting games on its base: solitaire, chess, checkers, arcade games, simulators. Tens, if not hundreds of millions of users, plunged into the world of these games for hours, and the developers presented new variations.

RPS is a game on a chess field and with individual units that fight according to the rules of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Everything is simple and opens up even greater opportunities for strategies, and also introduces additional factors into the game that can expand the boundaries of gameplay.

Each round is a separate duel in which there is no single winning strategy. Want to test your skill?

Welcome to the AR RPS ICQ!

Find out more by downloading the game now. Immerse yourself in an interesting world full of emotions.

What are the benefits of the AR RPS ICQ?

-dynamic real-time battles
-thousands of strategies and tactics
-player ratings
-a combination of several classic board games in one

AR RPS ICQ game is the first of a huge library of games that the Worldopo platform will introduce in the future. As part of the work on the platform, we constantly appeal to our users to find out what games they would like to see on it and what needs to be improved in them. This allows us to create a unique gaming ecosystem that brings together players and developers into a single community of lovers of quality games.

All games that will enter the platform will be tested for stability and passed through a focus group so that only the best examples of the gaming industry reach to the end-users.

AR RPS ICQ game is the first step on the road to the world of time-tested games, united by the style of Worldopo.
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