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American Roulette 2017 APK

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The classic board game of American Roulette casino with double zero.

Key Features roulette:
► X2) Make a double bet than the previous
► Undo) Delete the last episode
► Clear) Clear all bets
► Repeat) place a bet equal to the previous
► Statistics) graphical display of the number of exits for each number wheel.
► Configuration) allows you to set the main application parameters
► Bonus) Possibility to earn free credits.

Access are 10,000 free coin data, there are several opportunities to get free coin visiting other app developed by Edisoft.

The wheel consists of 38 numbers that start from 0 Double 0-36, in this roulette game is not worth the en prison rule

Bets and winnings:
► Plein, individual numbers in which, if you win, you win 35 times the amount bet
► Cheval, horses, or pairs of numbers in which, if you win, you win 17 times the amount bet
► Transversal Pleine, triplets where, if you win, you win 11 times the amount bet
► Carré, quatrains where, if you win, you win 8 times the amount bet
► Transversale Simple, sextuplets where, if you win, you win 5 times the amount bet
► Douzaine, dozens (first, second or third) in which, if you win, you win 2 times the amount bet
► Columns, columns (first, second or third column of the table) in which, if you win, you win 2 times the amount bet
Simple bets:
► Pair Impair ou, or even Even or Odd, or even or odd numbers
► Manque ou Passe, ie the numbers from 1 to 18, or those 19 to 36
► Rouge ou Noir or red numbers or blacks

Ability to undo your last bet with the appropriate key, historicizing the last numbers come out on roulette with the color display and number.
The system every 60 seconds makes a spin of the roulette wheel, which can be turned off using the relevant configuration menu. Chart out numbers and percentage ratio between the various colors.

The game does not allow real winnings. The number rolled is purely coincidental generated by the relationship between two random vectors.
This roulette is offered as a free game from Edisoft.

Good fun.
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