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Adventist Toolbox is for every Adventist! Adventist Toolbox does not own or claim any materials being compiled in this app.

What is available online we make them offline to help those countries who have poor internet connection. The main purpose is to help equip the Adventist church members in the ministry they are doing. This app is for FREE. To those who cannot afford to donate little amount @Google Play because of financial difficulties. please let us know and tell us about your ministry so we can send you this app for FREE....but I'm sure if you can support our literature evangelists, our Philippine Publishing House, our Adventist Schools, shopping malls, Seven Eleven stores and other business establishments, then you may prayerfully consider supporting the continues development of this app too!!! We ask you to prayerfully consider supporting the continues development of this app as making this available @Google play is not free. Also, of course developing this need some fundings too...So thank you so much for supporting the continuous development of this app. God bless your heart.

To help you not to get stress on your Bible study or teaching or preaching appointment, we designed this offline Adventist ToolBoX for you! It’s offline so it works without internet connection…

-28 SDA Fundamental Beliefs full book version (offline)

-Topical Bible Study compilation of verses you can readily use (offline)

-Q&A Bible Study Guide- from the book Bible Reading for the Home Circle (offline but to be updated for more topics to include)

- Discover Bible Lessons (offline)

-Amazing Facts Lessons 27 Q&A on important Bible study topics (offline)

-Bible A-Z Topics- commonly ask by people around you (offline)

-Different Occasions Verses- birthdays, child dedication, funeral service, house blessings, car blessings, communion service, Christmas, New year, farewell, baby shower party and etc… (offline)

- Timeless Truth (offline) coding is in- progress

- Sabbath Truth (offline)

-Adventist Church Manual full book version (offline)

-Ellen G. White Quotes (offline)

-Revival & Reformation materials compiled by Sulad Jhun Cardeinte (offline)

-Bridges for Ministry to reach our Buddhist friends (offline)

-Growing In Spirit for church nurturing to help your church grow (offline)

-And more materials to be added soon. Please keep updating your app.
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