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3D Bowling Pro -best free & realistic Ten Pin game APK

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Play the best free 3D bowling Pro game in amazing realistic 3D graphics.

Great for kids and adults!
Bowl with a friend or against your smartphone - gratis.

Ten pin 3D bowling features, online and offline:
- Intuitive tap and swipe control
- State of the art 3D physics engine for real ten pin action
- Easy and simple to play bowling game for free
- Control the bowling ball with your mobile device (gyrometer)
- Bowl in fantastic bowling clubs around the world:
* New York, London, Berlin, Rio De Janeiro, Mexico City
* Seoul, Tokyio, Jakarta, Manila, Moscow.... 36 locations all over the world!
- Great Bowling Balls, Bowling Pins, Bowling Lanes and Bowling Clubs to show off your Bowling class
- Get your own bowling newspaper edition with your special 3D Bowling Pro shot!
- Challenge and bowl against your mobile device!
- Play 3D Bowling Pro online or offline - without wifi!
- Great 3D bowling Pro control and experience.
- Gratis!

How to Play:
1. Drag the ball to the right or left to position the ball for your free throw
2. Flick the ball with your finger to bowl
3. Move your phone left and right to change the direction of the ball.

PBA bowling rules and scoring:

A game is made up of 10 frames. Each frame represents one turn for the bowler, and in each turn the player is allowed to roll the ball twice. If the player knocks down all the pins with the first roll, it is a strike; if not, a second roll at the pins still standing is attempted. If all the pins are knocked down with two balls, it is a spare; if any pins are left standing, it is an "open frame."

In an open frame, a bowler simply gets credit for the number of pins knocked down. In the case of a spare, a slash mark is recorded in a small square in the upper right-hand corner of that frame on the score sheet, and no score is entered until the first ball of the next frame is rolled.

Then credit is given for 10 plus the number of pins knocked down with that next ball. For example, a player rolls a spare in the first frame; with the first ball of the second frame, the player knocks down seven pins. The first frame, then, gets 17 points. If two of the remaining three pins get knocked down, 9 pins are added, for a total of 26 in the second frame.

If a bowler gets a strike, it is recorded with an X in the small square, the score being 10 plus the total number of pins knocked down in the next two rolls. Thus, the bowler who rolls three strikes in a row in the first three frames gets credit for 30 points in the first frame.

Bowling's perfect score, a 300 game, represents 12 strikes in a row--a total of 120 pins knocked down. Why 12 strikes, instead of 10? Because, if a bowler gets a strike in the last frame, the score for that frame can't be recorded before rolling twice more. Similarly, if a bowler rolls a spare in the last frame, one more roll is required before the final score can be tallied.

Three consecutive strikes is known as a "turkey". Further strings of strikes are referred to as the number with the word "bagger", such as "four-bagger" for four consecutive strikes. The term "hambone" has also been used to describe four consecutive strikes.

Multi Language support :
* English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German
* Italian, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese
* Korean, Hindi, Arabic, Tagalog, ... 36 languages!!!

With practice, you'll be curving the bawling ball in to the pocket, converting the 7-10 split and even go for the perfect bowling game!

Test your bowling skills in the amazing 3D bowling Pro game.
Featuring super smooth 3D graphics, realistic 3D physics and perfectly balanced gameplay.

You won't be able to resist bowling another ten frames of the world's favourite family sport.

Notes: The permissions required in this game is only used for online leader board.
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